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  • Helen Young, LA:

    Hello there, my name's Helen, I'm 27.y.o sales manager from LA. My mom has a dicky heart and two months ago she had a heart attack. That was terrible time for me, we live together and she is my best friend, so when the thought that I can lose her came to my mind I was absolutely shocked. I've immediately contacted the best specialist that I could to get his recommendations. So the doctor advised to use Atenolol as a therapy in this case. My mom feels now much better, and last two months were absolutely calm. Atenolol helped! Hope everything will be ok!

  • Linda, 45:

    I've been on Atenolol for years and it works great to control my heart rate.

  • Laura, TX, USA:

    I take Atenolol for blood pressure and it doesn't bother me anymore. Atenolol keeps my blood pressure under control.

  • Jessica, Arizona:

    I've tried many types of blood pressure medicines and nothing worked except for Atenolol. Definitely the drug of choice for me.

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